Idyllic, like every portrait you've ever seen of wolves howling at the moon, this steep cliffside has many perches for birds, and is striped by trickles of small streams, but at the base there's a huge granite-colored rock formation, sticking out of the grassy plains like a plate of bone. It's at this ridge where all the Packs in the area gather at the full moon, for a single night of peace and sharing news.

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No New Posts Junk Yard

What used to be a place where the masters would cast off everything they didn't use, now matches perfectly with the scenery around it. However, it is prized, not only because rotties never come here, but because there's plenty of rats and mice, hiding places from predators and useful trinkets hidden amongst the clutter of rusting metal and vines. The only reason the Packs haven't claimed it is because it's so far away from other usable territory. It has become a sanctuary for Strays.

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No New Posts Strangewater

During times of drought, dogs must sometimes resort to drinking and bathing in the Strangewater. Although it's green and bubbles slightly, it's cold and dosen't seem to be poisonous. Still, strange things are known to happen to dogs who come in contact with it so it's usually avoided.

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No New Posts Stormden

The wreckage of this once massive building, miles off from the town, is too enormous for most dogs to comprehend. There are no rotties. Many of the passages still blocked and is absoloutely reeking of a horrible chemical smell. The land near it is completely blighted and reeks that same chemical smell. Nothing grows here and storms are very common.

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Considered a sacred place for Seers to meet at the half moon, this is the former burying place of the Masters. Absoloutely no rotties ever come here. All dogs are forbidden to hunt or rest here.

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No New Posts Creature Gardens

A very odd area with only a few stumbling rotties, this place is little more than an enormous path with closed off areas at all sides, containing the most marvelous and frightening skeletons. Dogs cannot imagine such large creatures walking the earth with living flesh or why such a place as this exists.

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No New Posts Flat Plains

While this hunting ground isn't completely useless, it's too far away from either the city or the woods for either Pack to use it. It's possible to still catch birds here, or rabbits, very rarely. However, there is very little cover to hide from predators.

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